You can enrol at any time of the year; there is no specific start date, unless otherwise specified by the specific training provider/institution.

There are no academic qualifications or other requirements to participate in any of our courses unless specified on the particular course site or by the training provider/institution.

The courses offered are studied by distance learning, online, so there is no need to attend a college as all the material will be available online.

The rules of attendance for Accredited and Premium courses might differ from the other courses, as this is stipulated by the course’s training institution/provider.

Yes, most courses we offer are studied online by distance learning, unless specified otherwise by a specific training provider/institution and might include an approach of blended learning (distance online learning and classroom attendance/exam).

There are no time limits at all, you can take as long as you like to complete the course, unless specified otherwise for Accredited and Premium Courses by the specific training provider/institution.

You can take each test/quiz as many times as it takes to pass – only the final test/quiz you pass counts, so any previous attempts can be viewed as a warm up. All the lessons’ content is visible from the start; however, you must take each test/quiz in order.

The rules of testing for the Accredited and premium courses is different, as stipulated by the course’s training institution/provider.

No. Only the final test/quiz is counts towards your final pass rate. The tests are simply to ensure you have met the learning objectives, understood the lesson content and are ready to progress to the next lesson.

The rules of testing for Accredited and Premium courses might differ from one another, as this is stipulated by the course’s training institution/provider.

This differs from course to course. It can be immediately or even take up to 14 days. Once you enrol for courses and complete, you’ll see how long before you’ll actually get your final mark.

LearnEx courses are sold on an individual basis, so you choose which course(s) you want to take, and you only pay for that course.

Choose the course you wish to take, and then proceed through the checkout and payment system. You will be asked to complete your details in a form. Once your payment has cleared successfully, we will contact you via email with your unique login details for the LMS and instructions on how to proceed.

We accept Stripe payments and EFT. Payment methods for the Accredited and Premium courses, this will be determined and instructed by each providers/institution.

The payment method accepted for these courses is determined by the specific training provider/institution (may differ from one provider to another) and will be communicated accordingly once you register for these courses.

Please let us know in writing to study@learnex.co.za if you wish to terminate your studies with LearnEx.

This really varies from course to course. Some courses may take only a few minutes, others a couple of weeks. It also depends on how often you log in to learn.

Most courses (except Accredited and Premium Courses and some Open Courseware) require an 80% final exam mark. You also need to obtain at least 80% for each lesson/module/unit quiz before you can proceed to attempt the final exam.

Accredited and Premium Courses each has their own examination requirements as set out by the training organisation/provider.

Please send us an e-mail immediately to study@learnex.co.za with subject ‘No login details’.

Please send us an e-mail immediately to study@learnex.co.za with subject ‘Failed login’.

LOGIN and Browser Related Issues

You can access the Learnex LMS by going to http://www.learnex.co.za/lms and typing in your login details on the home page.

Bookmark the URL in your browser if you use the same computer regularly. If you have any difficulty logging into the LMS, please contact the LearnEx Helpdesk using the online form.

Remember to logout and close the browser window of the LMS when you have finished your session.

When you use the LearnEx LMS, it stores a ‘session cookie’ in your browser. If you do not logout when you have finished your session, it may lock you out of the LMS. If you are having trouble logging into the LMS, we suggest you clear your browser cache and cookies. Logging out of the LMS at the end of each session protects both your privacy and clears the ‘session cookie’ making it easier to re-login.

To clear your cache/temporary internet files and cookies, select your browser from the list below and follow the instructions.

PC browser settings

Internet Explorer 11

Open Internet Explorer 11, click the ‘gear’ settings button then select ‘Internet options’ from the drop-down menu.











In the Internet Options window, under Browsing History, click the ‘Delete’ button.


















In the Delete Browsing History window, select ‘Temporary Internet Files and website files’ and ‘Cookies and website data’. Click the ‘Delete’ button.


















Back at the Internet Options window, click the ‘OK’ button.

Exit and relaunch Internet Explorer 11.

The Learning Management System (LMS) is compatible with a range of browsers on a Microsoft Windows PC and Mac. We commit to keeping our products compatible with all modern web browsers including (but not limited to) Firefox, Safari, Chrome (all on PC & Mac) & Internet Explorer.

Below are the supported browsers for the most common PC and Mac operating Systems. Please update your browser if it is not on the list of supported browsers:

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

We strongly recommend that you install two browsers on your computer. Having two browsers on your computer allows you alternatives when troubleshooting.

  • Log out and close the browser window once you have finished using the LMS especially on a public or shared computer. Close the browser windows before leaving
  • Never save your password on a shared computer or in your browser.